How to Choose the Right Style for Your Video Explainer?


Explainer videos have become a huge trend nowadays and there’s certainly a reason why.

The primary thing that all companies worry about, nowadays, is “How should I attract customers and let them know about the existence of my company, when there is such wide market for any kind of product?”. In reality, what customer is looking for, is to be able to find something fast and be well persuaded by the company.

Did you know that you only have 8 seconds to impress your customers? So here come explainer videos, which are time savers and fun to watch, and that’s why everyone loves them.

Customers need affordability and effectiveness. So this is a great tool to increase conversion rates, make your product clarifying, boost your sales, make people more interested, and so on. Animated video explainers are also considered to be the best way of digesting information. Statistics show that using explainer videos in the website multiplies conversion rates.

These are only few of the reasons why explainer videos became so popular in recent years. One thought that is crossing through your mind at the moment as a business person is probably something like “If everyone is using explainer videos as a hook, to attract customers, then it gradually becomes useless”. However, let me prove you wrong. There are multiple types and styles of explainer videos, and no limit to creativity. Not everyone has the skill to use the right style and technique, and not every company chooses the right video style. Now, let’s try explore together what would the right style of video explainer be for your business.

Keep in mind the core purpose of an explainer video: to demonstrate who you are and what do you offer as a company, in a very simple and effective way.


3 Steps to Creating Great Explainer Video


Step 1: The Script

Despite anything, the first step and unavoidable step would be coming up with an awesome script. The script has to be extremely easy to understand for any person. The challenge here is that the script should be kept brief, but informative at the same time. What we suggest is to start with choosing the keywords or concepts suitable for your company, and then make precise sentences that best describe the company or the product in particular. Remember to make the script as short as possible.

Step 2: The Animation Styles

Next let’s explore the animation styles. This is the most important part, for it is important to know your target market and also consumer preferences to make the right choice. Right choice of style is the key to a successful Explainer Video. The styles suggested are Screencast Video, Character Animated Video, Whiteboard animation video, Motion Graphics and 3D animation.

Screencast Video

If you are a start up company with low budget, this can can be a great option for you to introduce the product. This style of videos is up to 5 minutes long and delivers relatively thorough explanation. The principle is that the customer witnesses how can the product be used, what is the purpose and why is it useful. This style is plain compared to others.

Character animated video

This style is perfect for companies that are looking for a friendlier approach. This is also considered the most preferred style. Character animated video quickly grabs attention, is very fun and leaves strong impression to the viewer. The animated characters, who are usually brand representatives, give personification to the brand, making it seem more achievable. Also, it is usually interactive, where the characters engage viewers by asking questions, and making them think, before giving the answers.

Whiteboard Animation Video

If you are an IT, computer software company, our advice would be the usage of whiteboard animation video. This is when we see an artist drawing on a whiteboard, while explaining. Since the story is being created in front of the viewer, it is the best way to explain “hard to understand” concepts.

Motion Graphics

Financial or techy industry companies can definitely go for Motion Graphic videos. It is perfect for explaining abstract or complex concepts. Through this style, you basically bring graphic design to life. Shapes, colors and patterns are used to convey the message.

3D Animation

3D animation may be interesting for you, if you have the budget for it. Adding 3D elements to the above mentioned styles makes it more interesting and cool for the viewer, as well as allows to create complex video explainers, like 360-degree product burst, which would be not so impressive if created otherwise. Compared to other explainer animation styles, 3D videos are harder to create, and creation is time consuming and more expensive.

Step 3: The Voiceover & Music

As a final step you should add a voiceover, which should sound as clear and flowing as possible. Pay attention to your intonation to keep it stimulating. The pace of the speech is also very important, it should not be too slow to bore, or to fast to confuse.

And last but not least. Music and Sound! It gives meaning and emotion to everything. However, this is the tricky part. You should be careful when choosing music or sound, considering factors like what mood do you want to set, or what genre of music would match the image and concept of your company.

And of course always remember the Golden Rule for Video Explainer! “The Simpler, The Better.

For best result, make it as short, fun and impressive as possible for the consumer.


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