1How much do your animations cost?
We offer very flexible pricing to fin any budget. Please note that even if you choose the very basic package you'll get high-quality service and animation product. Basic package starts with 399EUR and includes custom script, developed by our professionals, premade storyline and scenery, color and sound customizations and up to 20 previews, before the final product is ready. See our pricing estimates for more details. Pricing for custom made animations varies and we need more details from you to offer you the best price. Please fill in the pricing request form in the right side of this page, and we'll get back to you shortly with personalized offer.
2How long will it take to have my animation ready?
Everything depends on type of animation you need and intensity of our cooperation. We work really fast on each step of our cooperation, while our exclusive technical solutions allow us to produce video content in shortest possible time. Please contact us for details of preferred animation and we'll provide you best terms.
3I don't know what type of animation I need. How can I choose?
Everything depends on your business need and budget constraints. 3D animation works best for engineering and tools animations, allowing to show 360-degree product burst, while 2D animation is great for showing scenario-based product and services promotions. We will provide you free consulting on animation types and will help you choose the most optimal one for your business purpose, which will fit to your budget. We also share our expertise in our blog, so you can read more about animation styles here.
4I only have the idea for animation. What else do I need to produce animation?
Only willingness to have it! We'll take care of the rest. At each stage of production our team of professional script writers, illustrators, designers and developers will work closely with you to produce the animation.

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