Christmas Marketing with Animations


Christmas is a favorite holiday of a vast majority of world’s population. It’s about giving back and also receiving. It’s the time of the year, when everyone saves up to be generous. And while generosity is an act of kindness and care towards your loved ones, that is exactly what businesses should use as a weapon to increase their sales and make the most out of the provided opportunity. So all businesses can immensely benefit from the chance. However, this also means, that in order to use the given opportunity to its full extent, you need to take some steps towards your promoting strategies and make your marketing as holiday themed and attractive as possible. And if you are wondering about how can animations help businesses especially around the Holiday Season, stay tuned to find out.

Back to Basics: Animations

Explainer videos, introductory, review and other types of animated videos are the best promotional tools to catch the eye of a potential customer and keep your loyal customers. Videos are twice as effective than other types of visual contents and are faster in transmitting your message and communicating with clients, simply because they are more fun and work better on influencing customers and their decision-making, that’s a scientifically proven fact. Since an average of 50% of Christmas shoppers go online for research or actual purchase of the gifts, as Statista states, it is a big sign to get your ideas and offers wrapped in a video and put it up on your landing page.

Videos are more likely to get attention, because consumers don’t have to read about your product or service, they only need to spend less than 2 minutes on an introductory animation that is based on other people talking and showing the product they intend to obtain. And after all, videos are more interesting to watch, than just reading or looking at a photo, aren’t they?

Now to understand how those animations can help and boost the marketing strategies of businesses, let’s look at it from two different angles:

  1. The businesses themselves
  2. The customers

The Role of Businesses in Marketing Strategies

Concerning the businesses, it is overly self-explanatory that a company can only benefit from video marketing. And all the benefits and consequences of explainer or announcement video animations have been long talked about and proved to work without a failure.

Secondly, when speaking about customers and their perspective, businesses should be extremely careful, attentive and detail-oriented in order to create a content about their product or service that is actually going to raise interest in their target market. So without further rambling, let’s go on and observe a few ways to use the Christmas Time effectively for your company with the help of animations.

First of all, let’s not forget that it is the Holiday Season and the favorite time of the year for a lot of people. So, as obvious as it is, the number one advice would be for businesses to create a holiday-themed explainer video. Based on your product, service and the type of video you intend to make, using even one simple item such as, for example, a santa hat, automatically raises the holiday spirit of your video, which consumers are more likely to click on around that season.

Secondly, adding a themed neutral word to your video title, for example “Holiday Edition” or “Christmas Edition”, again, makes your video that much festive and interesting to watch.

If your company wants to go that extra mile of providing Christmas sales, discounts, gifts, etc, make sure you do include that in your video, cause that thing is vital!

Also, since we are talking about animations in general, you could go all creative with your staff and even create GIFs, including your product and your staff members, to, you know, make it more personalized and take it up a notch. Or even better: you can make those videos special by giving a sneak-peak to your loyal customers.

You can share those on all your social media accounts and even send them via emails to your customers to extend Holiday greetings and make your company’s Christmas spirit contagious for everyone. And if your strategy is good enough, you will surely end up increasing your sales and even gaining more customers, since you are now so customer-friendly and caring for your clients.

Get those Clients in Action Too!

Now onto the part of the client’s perspective. Your animations and explainer videos don’t have to limit themselves to being only company-made. What about organizing a video contest for your customers? Boost and challenge their creativity to make short videos or GIFs with them using your product, or something similar, and choose a few of the best ones as winners and give them presents, or extra discounts on your product or service. Not only this is going to engage and involve a great amount of people, but it is also going to interest them for further engagement in your company and intrigue them for upcoming events.

What can be derived from what has been mentioned above, is that the Christmas Time is extremely popular among everyone: parents want to pleasantly surprise their children with presents, couples want to emphasize their love to each other by giving back and so on and so forth. That is why it’s wise and crucial for businesses to try and plan actions towards improving their marketing strategies with the help of animations for gaining more customers and building trust and emotional bond with the clients they already have.



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