The Best Tool for Digesting Information


I’d argue that animated explainers are the best tool for digesting information. Why? Let’s look closer. In today’s constantly changing world information is very accessible and almost free, so we should consider more efficient ways to make people learn. Remember yourself as a child: what was more attractive to you: listening to parents reading fairy tales or watching animated cartoons?

I guess the answer is evident: nothing has changed since then, even now the majority of us prefers watching a short video rather than browsing a page or two of a written text. Why is it so? You can refer to the habit, and you will not be wrong, as since childhood we have learned lots of things due to cartoons and even video games.

But if we look more profound, we can find some other not less rational reasons.

  • More senses are involved

Studies show that people are 50%+ more likely to retain and remember information when it is delivered in both a visual and audio forms than visual or audio alone. Animated explainers and animations are a powerful medium to get a message across because it affects two human senses. They have the power to attract person’s attention for hours or even longer, something impossible for simple lectures or reading. Animated videos are more likely to stay in memory for a longer time and can magically generate interest in things we could never consider entertaining.

  • Time saving

More people would prefer watching an animated explainer than reading a long article. Put aside the fact that for some people it is annoying to pass from one line to another to find the key sense; in videos, information is already filtered and shortened so that only essential and the easily memorable information is included in videos scripts.

  • No borders or limits

In animations you can show and express anything you want with minimal costs: if you need to show a burning factory or sinking ship, you don’t need to burn or drown, neither the green screen is required, you can simply draw it. Thus, you can draw any personage you want without casting and grease paint processes. Animations can show how pictures that no camera can ever shoot.

  • Entertaining

Animations, as a visual and auditory information source, allow presenting a piece of information in a humorous and entertaining manner, using funny characters, infographics, music, and voice.

  • High spreadability

In this digital century of social media and mobile gadget using, videos became a standard way of information transmission and communicating. Videos and animations entered our everyday life: we watch various videos every day, and we like it, as thanks to them we are self-educating, networking, sharing and having fun at the same time.


All these advantages of information perceiving and spreading should not be left underestimated by professors, teachers, as well as marketers.

At schools and universities, lots of topics are now explained to the students via animated explainers. They make things more understandable providing useful sources from a brief introduction to profound step by step instruction. Animated videos are so effective because they bring together “concentration” and “understanding,” which are followed by the higher percentage of “remembering.”

The use of animation instruction can significantly enhance student’s learning potential if it is properly designed and implemented. It is a way easier to show the problem and solution provided when you want to explain behavior rules, or, for example, teach the rules of the road.

Watching animated explainers develops rational thinking and imagination, encourages artistic and creative approach, so it can help to understand complex ideas faster and more easily.

Animations are used not only to teach, but also to provoke the buyer’s reflex: companies use videos as a powerful marketing tool in commercials: they educate their clients, demonstrate products’ advantages, and show clients’ benefits. Here we have a great variety of animated video explainers’ styles and types. But all of them are a great way to engage the target audience.

See how animations can have a massive positive impact on the way we learn and deliver educational material. However a huge potential in using videos in educating and advertising purposes is still undiscovered. There are many dark sides that we need to light up. And we will make an animated explainer of how we did it 🙂


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