Animations and Efficient Communications


Ever wondered how long does it take to make the first impression? Psychologists say, less than a second, merely a blink of an eye. It becomes even more important when you have just couple of seconds to promote your product or service, so you need something catchy and interesting, something that would hold your potential customers’ attention longer than blink of an eye.

Animated video explainer is a powerful tool, that if used correctly, can grab viewers attention and lead it to fully convey your commercial message. You have no time to waste on less effective communication techniques, so let’s explore the ways animated video explainers build more efficient communication:

Engaging more senses. 

Animated video explainers are the best choice during presentations during meetings or conferences, when you have to catch the audience’s attention. No more bored and sleepy people in the audience. Being both visual and auditory, animated video explainers attract and hold attention better than just a speech or a slide show. Having music background and voiceover, animations are more likely not only catch attention, but also make your audience better memorize your message and presentation. So go ahead and put some animated video explainer in your next presentation!

The key message only.whiteboard_animation_1

Professional video explainers are build on scripts, containing the most relevant and easy-to-understand information. Those scripts lead viewers to the key message and idea, that you want to promote. Start with animation and build your communication path in a more interactive and entertaining way.

Tell more in less time. 

Use your time more efficiently. Video explainers can help you to convey more information in less time, while you audience is more likely to watch short videos instead of listening long and boring speech or reading long articles.

Gadgets power

Overwhelming majority of us uses devices and mobile phones as the primary communication and news-receiving tool.  Each day we watch numerous videos and share the ones we like most. What you have to do is to appear in smartphones of your target audience and video animations are the best format for that – short, entertaining and easy-to-share.

Cannot tell? Show!

Some products and services or their features are hard to describe, but easy to show. Animations comes as helping hand to showcase your product or service and make a long lasting impression in minds and hopefully in hearts of your potential customers. There is great variety of animation styles to choose from and no limit to creativity. Use screencast animations to show the product use and purpose, not only telling, but also demonstrating their benefits. Character animated videos and whiteboard animations are helpful to visualize indescribable things and difficult concepts. Animated videos and their characters are able to tap into people’s imagination, make them feel the problem and help in finding solution.

TheAwkwardBoner Explainer Animation from YOUNIQ on Vimeo.

To make a perfect animation for effective communication, you need to focus on both image and sound. A cute video with excellently drawn characters will attract no interest if its voice over is monotonous and boring; and vice versa: very attractive and artistic voice with delicately chosen music background can lead to nothing if the image fails. Best performing animations are magic mix of art, sound, scenario and meaning behind it.

Creatively and carefully made animations increase the efficiency in company’s communication, as they distribute key message in short time, engaging more senses in a more entertaining way. Appeal to various age, culture, education and even religion groups through animations and easily reach your target audience whichever it is


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