8 Seconds to Impress or Fail


Studies show that a potential customer needs only 8 seconds to decide if your webpage, advertising, promo or whatever is worth looking further or not.  And this is where explainer videos come to rescue.

Explainer videos are proved to be a great solution since they are fast and productive, engaging and impressive, short, yet effective. This topic has been discussed a lot, talked about, researched on their pros and cons, yet there are still corners stayed untouched and dark. And that corner is WHICH one?

There are 12 types of explainer videos with different engagement rates and budgets requirements.

Here are examples of a few most commonly used categories, follow through them in order to find out for yourself which one suits you best.

2D or 3D Animation

The most widely used version is simple 2D animation video. Depending on your budget, 2D videos being one of the less expensive types, can do magic for your service or product. However, if you are willing to deliberately spend extra money on a better engaging video, like 3D animation, you are more than encouraged to do so. The better the video, the more impressed viewers will be.

Here is an example of a 2D animated explainer video:

This video was made for Ministry of Education. See how bright animations and interesting sequences attract your attention and seamlessly drive you through the hole animated explainer. Meanwhile quite difficult concepts, like role of teacher for the country and society are presented in fun and entertaining way.

Live Action

Never underestimating the power of actual human feelings and their influence on others, nothing can beat the live action videos. As known, explainer videos are best when they create a bond between the video story and the viewer. For that sole reason, live action videos, although sometimes very expensive, are extremely effective.

Live Action videos are a smart move towards gaining the trust of your viewer simply because they see another human using the service and automatically imagine themselves doing the same. A smile, a tear, a hug, anything that indicates emotion in a video is good for impressing the customer.

Whiteboard Animation

One of the best options to get your point to the consumer in a minimalistic, yet effective way is using whiteboard animations, which can successfully deliver you the message to the hearts and minds of your customer.


They are simple, fun and never dull to watch both for business and educational purposes. Whiteboard animation represents a quick and easy to grasp, entertaining to watch and most importantly, very straight-forward video type.

Video Infographic

Infographics are what make the convoluted and difficult information eye catching and easy to retain. Nowadays they are one of the best and most commonly used options for marketing and promotional purposes. 

Se how this animated infographic presents interesting facts about Facebook and its popularity in bright colored and fun way

Here statistics, which is the least interesting concept to deal with and especially to understand, is shown in a fun and engaging way, making the data more attractive and user-friendly.

Moving Typography

Another category of explainer videos is so called “Moving Typography”This kind of explainer videos can sometimes bore the viewerbut can be efficient if they don’t exceed the optimal time of viewer’s engagement.  

Nonetheless, there are good examples of short but informative and well perceived moving typography.

Moving typography videos should include:

  • Vibrant style of written text
  • Good and energetic music to keep you engaged
  • Effective timing not to bore the eyes

Whichever out of these options you decide to choose for your business, your product or service, make sure your explainer video complies with these simple 3 E-requirements:

  1. Engaging
  2. Easily digestible
  3. Entertaining

So, go ahead, do whatever you need to, but keep in mind that you have only 8 seconds to impress!

P.S. If you’re still undecided, which type of animation to choose, check out this article “How to Choose the Right Style for Your Video Explainer?”


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